Laughter and Your Bottom Line

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Humour in the Workplace Increases Productivity and Profitability

Let’s face it, in these uncertain economic times, humour in the workplace is not an expendable “frill”. It’s a survival strategy that can save your staff’s sanity! Humour in business increases employee productivity, thus your organization benefits and, quite simply, your company makes more money.

Too often, businesses forget that, and they miss an easily affordable, golden opportunity to deliver vital employee education, and boost loyalty and morale. When the humour is researched and tailored to your organizational objectives as such, it is indispensable for employee team-building and empowerment. All of which, again, increases employee productivity, and brings your organization a better bottom line!

Humour in the workplace is not an expendable “frill”. It’s a survival strategy that can save your staff’s sanity!

My name is Zandra Bell, and I am a motivational humorist who creates corporate comedy keynote presentations, completely customized to my clients’ business objectives.

Working with individuals from your team in advance, I am able to absorb and intuit the nuances of your business, your corporate culture. From this perspective I then create appropriate, professional, motivational humor, customized to your objectives, and management messages, as well as to your staff’s workplace challenges and concerns. Your people are given the opportunity to laugh at their frustrations, thereby releasing any bitterness, and dispelling harmful negativity.

There is tremendous value here for any business entity wishing to inspire and invigorate their employees. Humour helps staff recharge, reducing stress while increasing energy, enabling them to stay focused and accomplish more. And above all, humour shifts perspective, allowing your people to see situations in a more objective, less threatening light, helping them feel less overwhelmed and under pressure.

David Granirer, M.A., a prominent North American psychotherapist, promotes laughter in the workplace as the answer to today’s organizational malaise:

“As more and more organizations reengineer, merge, restructure, downsize, rightsize, and even capsize, employees confront uncertainty on an almost daily basis…The result is often a sense of powerlessness that translates into increased stress, decreased wellness, demoralization, absenteeism, and lower productivity… people are an organization’s number one asset, and losing them costs money. In today’s uncertain work environment, humor isn’t an option, it’s a necessary way to boost morale…. Laughter may not change the external reality, but it can certainly help people survive it.”

Humour in the business arena dissolves distressing emotions. You can’t feel anxious or angry when you’re laughing. The work I do in creating this hilarious, work life affirming, customized comedy is paramount to bringing a team-building, morale boost to your staff and increased value to your overall organization.

Working together, we can not only enhance your next conference, management meeting, or corporate event, but we can make a valuable, long lasting and profitable difference in your organization.

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