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The Best of Shirley Best
I’m Listing – Musings from a Modern Middle Aged Wild Wise Woman


Love to Laugh? Need a fix of your favorite “Shirleyisms”?

Act now and you can INDULGE your sense of humor with “the Best of Shirley Best” … a book!

I’M LISTING – MUSINGS FROM A MODERN MIDDLE AGED WILD WISE WOMAN is a “must have” mix of Shirley action photos and comedic copy, hilarious insights on everything from aging to exercise,

“Last time I went to the health club I fell down the stairmaster”


procreation to pantyhose,

“How do you get two whole legs into something that barely covers the head of a convenience store larcenist?”


dating to dust mite excrement ….

“I’ve got problems I can see! I’ll be danged if I am going to vacuum the bed too. Domesticity is not my forte. My motto’s always been ‘If your oven needs cleaning, it’s time to move.”

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And even a few of Shirley’s least favorite things

(To be sung while pretending to be Julie Andrews)

“Girls in black dresses with beige, not black stockings,

The distinct lack of manners, these days I find shocking,

Never finding my cell phone till it’s on its last ring,

These are a few of my least favorite things.

Stain magnet silk blouses, pineapple on pizza,

when folks try to hug you the first time they meets ya,

Alternative youth with pierced lips and nose rings

Doesn’t seem worth the infection it brings.


This little treasure trove of off beat observations is truly a laugh a minute. A perfect “pamper me” present, stocking stuffer… just the right birthday gift for the friend who has everything

You’ll want to keep it with you in your purse, pocket, around the office, the waiting room, on your bedside table, in your boudoir, perhaps even beside your bidet…

Don’t wait, take the easy steps to have the Best of Shirley Best sent to you today.


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