Holiday Positive Drinking…ah, sorry, Thinking!

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Holiday Positive Drinking…ah, sorry, Thinking!

Zandra Bell as Shirley Best, the Queen of Customized Corporate Comedy — Canadian motivational humorist, author, writer, professional speaker: keynote, conference, corporate, team building, comedyThe Best of the Season from Shirley Best!

Yes…’tis the season! It’s almost upon us. The season …for stress!

Trying hard to escape the pressures of The Holidays?

Ah We all have our own poignant seasonal memories… Chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Unwanted gifts from unwanted relatives. Screaming children battling over yuletide booty in the throes of their hyperactive sugar high, while bloated men watch sporting events in the den oblivious to the carnage. And there’s always Aunt Estelle in the kitchen gossiping avidly about the family members lucky enough not to be there, everyone silently marveling how in all that talking, the cigarette still sticks to her lip.

Ah Christmas! One just feels compelled to get drunk in self defense. Then everything really feels just like it’s the most wonderful time of the year. See…now that’s the power of positive drinking!!!!!!

Speaking of the company holiday party… don’t you think it might be a novel idea to do something a little different this year? To add in something a little more lasting and uplifting… Something special guaranteed to relieve the stress? To liven up the evening, and make it THE one to remember for staff and spouses alike?

Well stop searching and start celebrating! ‘Cause there’s still time to invite your fabulous friend, the wise and witty Shirley Best, that undisputed queen of clean corporate comedy to your office holiday playdate.

With the “Best” on board it’s always rave reviews.

“What a difference from last year’s speaker! People loved Shirley and her enormously funny take on our industry! They laughed and they lasted, right on through the night, up dancing to the band. Last year everyone went home in the middle of the entertainment.”

“I have heard nothing but compliments on your role as Shirley Best at our holiday party… The amount of information you were able to learn about our strategies and processes was amazing. I think you probably speak better bankese than some of our staff do. Your ability to transform this information into humour is truly remarkable. I believe you were able to give everyone a more positive outlook on our present challenges.”

“Zandra Bell (Shirley Best) is face hurtin’ funny!”

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